You want to move on from the past…..

You are so tired of being blindsided by your emotions, your thoughts, even your memories, that you want to cry, yell, or run away. Even when your day starts out positive, it can change without warning, leaving you feeling frustrated, alone, afraid and confused about just what is going on with you. Sometimes you feel like you either overreact or shut down, then once you feel calmer, you wonder why you were so upset. Your relationships can feel exhausting because you long for closeness and connection, yet sometimes struggle with trust, worry, and feelings of shame and guilt. You’re pretty sure that part of the reason you’re feeling this way now is really about stuff from your past.

You’ve gone through some tough experiences in your life, and maybe even survived trauma. You’ve worked through some of your issues before, made some progress, and even felt a bit better. But it seems like your past keeps finding ways to creep back in no matter what you try. That’s what’s happening now. You see it in the way you react to stressors, the way you interact with people in your life, and the way you feel and think about yourself. Dealing with your past is leaving you feeling burnt out and defeated. You just want to put the past behind you and start living in the present!

I help clients heal from the past, learn to accept and trust in themselves, and feel more peaceful and contented in their lives.

What happened to you in the past was not your fault! I can help you work on resolving your trauma and reconnecting to yourself so that you can start building a life that you can get excited about living! You’re worth it!

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