You are struggling with relationship issues and most days you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster with no way off. You don’t know what to expect from your partner or from yourself, and you feel stuck in this loop of ongoing chaos and stress.

You try to be the best partner ever—you listen, you’re supportive and helpful, you do everything you possibly can to be there. In fact, you do so much that it feels a bit one sided at times. You feel exhausted from “people pleasing” and trying to do everything right. Sometimes you feel like you have completely lost sight of yourself and what is important to you and what you want.

You’re in a committed relationship….

You feel like your partner isn’t there for you anymore. You try to talk to them about how you feel, but they don’t seem to get it. Conversations can easily turn into an argument, or, one of you just gives up and walks away. It’s the same pattern that leaves you feeling lonely, misunderstood and like this is somehow your fault. Sometimes you feel like there’s no point in trying anymore because it just feels so hopeless. You’re tired of “walking on eggshells” to keep the peace, and just want to feel accepted and heard in your relationship. You can’t even remember what that feels like!

You’re single….

You’re longing for a “normal” relationship and the more you look, the more it seems like it doesn’t exist. The people you date seem more into themselves than into you, and you’re tired of being the one who makes all the effort. It’s the same thing over and over. You’re starting to wonder what you are doing wrong. All your friends are settled down-why not you? You’re feeling a lot of pressure to find someone and get to the next phase of your life already! You may even be making excuses to stay in a relationship that isn’t working for you because you think it might be better to take what you can get, rather than be alone. You don’t like where this is headed, and you’re ready for some changes.

I help people who are stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns figure out what they want, find their confidence to ask for it, and start creating more balanced, meaningful relationships.

You deserve to have a healthy, happy, loving relationship that you feel great about. Individual counseling can help! Yes, individual counseling. We bring all of our own issues into our relationships, so learning how to deal with your own anxiety, stress, and stuff from your past can have a ripple effect in your relationships. By discovering what you really need for yourself, and from your partner, you will be able to build connections, mend relationships and set limits that work for you.

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